Saturday Sept 30 | Rebeca Pak

Saturday, September 30 we will host a special project by Rebecca Pak, titled: Bar Somente Hoje a temporary bar that is activated starting from the sharing of a recipe by the artist, the supplimchi de bacalhau.

The event has a limited number of places and requires reservation. To participate in the event and taste the supplimchi de bacalhau you must send an email to and specify whether you want to participate in the first (5:30-7:00pm) or second (7:00-8:30pm) round.

The recipe invented by the artist crosses the three cultures that informed her background (Korean, Brazilian, Italian) and combines the bacalhau Gomes de Sá: a traditional Portuguese cod recipe, as a reminiscence of the Brazilian colonial past; kimchi: a Korean side dish made from fermented beets with garlic and chili pepper; and the supplì: a Roman fried rice-based dish.

The supplimchi de bacalhau is not a typical dish of any place, but a constant renegotiation of the various layers of times and spaces that intercept each other: the Brazilian colonial past, a Korean diaspora now rooted in São Paulo and the continuity of a condition in progress that the artist brings into the present while living in Italy.

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