Giulia Maria Belli

Giulia Maria Belli (1989, Udine) is a multidisciplinary visual artist. In 2014 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice specializing in Painting, and in 2018 she attended the Master of Art at the LUISS Creative Business Center in Rome.

Belli's research evolves through the collection of visual, mental and emotional references taken from literature, folklore, myths, fairy tales, dreams and everything related to symbols and archetypes.

In her practice she is interested in the feminine and the narrative that contributes to the representation of her. Belli collects objects, texts and images that contain a story, a personal memory that she borrows and reassembles through an artistic practice that includes oil painting, monotype, drawing, collage, sculpture, embroidery, books and storytelling.


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Selected Artworks

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