Giovanna Petrocchi

Giovanna Petrocchi (b.1988, Rome) is an Italian photographer based between London and Rome. By combining personal photographs with found imagery and hand-made collages with 3d printing processes, Giovanna creates imaginary landscapes inspired by surrealist paintings virtual realities and ancient cultures. Influenced by museum displays and catalogues, she populates these landscapes with her own collection of surreal artefacts. The received view of historical narrative is deliberately distorted. Objects become unrecognisable and meanings fragment; presented as floating entities they belong to neither specific time or museum. A recurrent feature in Giovanna’s practice is the juxtaposition of futuristic and primordial scenarios and the combination of historical and fictional elements. Under her guidance cultures and traces of civilizations present themselves in constant flux, subject to transformative processes of migration and exchange.

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Selected Artworks

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